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Dissecting the Design: Urban Connoisseur – The Appliance Schedule

As I have previously discussed, the key to a successful contemporary design is clean lines and simplicity. Let’s take a look at how that was accomplished with the appliances in this kitchen. At first glance, you may only notice the … Continue reading

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Dissecting the Design: Urban Connoisseur – The Fixture Schedule

One of the things that you see over and over again in contemporary design is the lack of ornamentation. There are no corbels, no carvings, no turned posts or anything fussy for that matter. In this design, the sinks were … Continue reading

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Dissecting the Design: Urban Connoisseur – The Cabinet Schedule

For the past several weeks, I have been too busy with design work to have time to keep up with writing for the blog. Last month, I even made a trip to Chicago to work on a couple of projects … Continue reading

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Maintaining the Dream Design: Natural Stone

While it is true that granite is harder than marble which is harder than limestone, slate or soapstone, natural stones are all absorbent and sensitive to acids. You can reduce their susceptibility to absorbing things by sealing them both upon … Continue reading

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