Dissecting the Design: Urban Connoisseur – The Fixture Schedule

One of the things that you see over and over again in contemporary design is the lack of ornamentation. There are no corbels, no carvings, no turned posts or anything fussy for that matter.

In this design, the sinks were selected to be square and black so they just disappear into the countertops. Imagine the difference if stainless steel sinks had been used instead. While it would have still been in keeping with a contemporary feel, you would have seen the high contrast of the black counters with the stainless steel and it would not have yielded such a sleek and elegant end result.

The faucets also repeat the whole idea of clean lines with just a simple arched spout and a single control handle.

Take a look at the light fixture. It doesn’t get much simpler or less ‘ornamented’ than this fixture and yet look at how beautifully it works with the length of the island to frame out the hood wall. Exquisite!

Wood-Mode's Connoisseur

Here are the actual selections used in this design:

Fixture Brand Style/Color Found in our Shop?
Sink – Main Blanco Precis 513 Single Bowl Yes
Sink – 2nd Blanco Precis 513 Medium Bowl Yes
Faucet – Main Blanco Terra Faucet #157-155-ST No
Faucet – 2nd Blanco Terra Faucet #157-155-ST No
Lighting – Kitchen drop lights Y  Lighting Estiluz T-1158-37; brushed nickel finish Yes

Next time, I will take a deeper look into the appliances chosen for this design. Aside from oven, they are so hidden you don’t even realize they are there!


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