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Sometimes My Clients Just Make My Day

Thinking back to my upbringing, I credit my mother for teaching me to treat others as I would want to be treated. She is the one who trained me that ‘what goes around, comes around’, ‘good begets good’ and ‘do … Continue reading

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A Guest Appearance

Recently I was asked if I would write a guest post for Riggs Distribution [the regional distributor for Sub-Zero and Wolf for Northern California] that discussed the Urban Connoisseur design that I have recently been reviewing. Being a huge fan … Continue reading

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Dissecting the Design: Urban Connoisseur – The Surface Schedule

Let’s take a look at the surfaces in use in the urban kitchen that we have been dissecting over the past few weeks. In past installments, we have already reviewed the cabinets, fixtures and appliances. Take a close look at … Continue reading

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Which Came First…

the chicken or the egg? We have all heard this philosophical riddle with varying points of view. A similar question comes up in the world of kitchen and bath design. Which comes first, the selections or the design? The answer in my … Continue reading

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All that Glitters Isn’t Gold

It is so easy to be fooled by things that look great, but really are junk. Manufacturers and advertisers along with sales people and social media have a way of hooking our interest to something that we think we have … Continue reading

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