All that Glitters Isn’t Gold

It is so easy to be fooled by things that look great, but really are junk. Manufacturers and advertisers along with sales people and social media have a way of hooking our interest to something that we think we have to have, but really can be a big waste of money. There are plenty of great products on the market, but there are often even more knock-offs that can grab our attention.

It is important to watch out for this when you are planning a new kitchen. There are a lot of really fabulous looking products out there that sell themselves on their look and extensive functionality, but beware of bells and whistles and don’t be fooled by them. Make sure you do your homework, and research which products have the features and ratings that you desire.

Consumer Reports is a long-standing source for product reviews and unbiased testing. I like to refer to it especially when purchasing appliances or large electronics. I have looked at product reviews on websites, but for every good review, there seems to be three bad ones. I think people tend to write reviews out of anger rather than satisfaction. Every manufacturer is likely to have some product glitches and unfortunately someone has to be the recipient, so I try to take those personal reviews pretty lightly.

Though Consumer Reports tends to sample middle-grade products, I value the information I can get from there. The last time I bought a dishwasher, I studied the reports until I found the one that had all the features that were most important to me and had a low incidence of repair. I found a couple that looked great, had a popular brand name and yet they had a high incidence of repair. This is not the kind of glitter I need in my kitchen. Since I run my dishwasher at least once a day, a gold dishwasher for me means one I can always count on.

When making selections for your kitchen make sure not to be duped by sales tactics or appearances, research products that are interesting and pursue the ones that meet your standards. Within any given manufacturer you can find a huge variance in the reviews; not all products within a product line are equally as good (or bad) as the others. Your kitchen will be filled with glitter that is gold if the choices you make are the right ones for you.

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