Which Came First…

the chicken or the egg? We have all heard this philosophical riddle with varying points of view. A similar question comes up in the world of kitchen and bath design. Which comes first, the selections or the design? The answer in my book is always the design.

It is easy to make a functional kitchen beautiful but it isn’t always easy to make a beautiful kitchen function. The space plan or flow of a well-designed kitchen is so key to getting a functional space that will keep you happy for 15 years – the lifetime of the average kitchen.

This is a bit of client education I often find myself doing when we first meet to start a new project. I like to have a rough idea of desired appliance selections so I know what I need to build a space plan around but, beyond that, it is best to work up the design before picking out styles and finishes.

Here is a link to an article on Houzz.com that speaks to this same point.


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I am Theresa - the 'T' in CatTail Studio Arts. My husband, Chuck, is the guy behind the 'C'. Our tales cover our many interests including good food, adventurous travel, cooking, gardening, hiking, cycling, crafting ceramics, beekeeping and occasionally even cat tales!
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