Making Good on Victorian Style

One of the basic tenets of good kitchen and bath design is the use of repetition.  For example, if I use an arch over a doorway, I am likely to repeat the same arched shape in a hood surround or a window valance so the design is repeated around the room and makes the design tie together. This is just one of the things I consider every time I am laying out a new design. I have to admit though, that it never really occurred to me that a good city planner does the same thing.

Painted Ladies

The Painted Ladies of Alamo Square

Alamo Square Playground

Playground at Alamo Saure

A few days back I was walking around Alamo Square in San Francisco. There were tour buses going by and lots of visitors strolling the park to see the “Painted Ladies” – a string of much-photographed, beautiful examples of Victorian-style homes in the city. As I crossed through the park, I noticed that the kids’ playground tied in with the neighborhood because the play structures were little “Victorian homes”. Very clever, I thought.

New Victorians

New Construction Near Alamo Square

Turning the corner and walking on, I passed a new complex going up with a more contemporary feel. They omitted the  historical gingerbread found on the older Victorians but repeated the same shapes on the facades.  That simple use of repetition  with a more sleek and modern style made all the difference to make the new feel a part of the old.

Kudos to whatever architectural review board, city planner or conscientious builder made that happen!



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